Smith / Wagner Wedding Highlights Video

Shawn and I had a wonderful time at Lynsey & Jason’s wedding a couple of weeks ago! Everyone was so nice and fun, which made it so easy to capture the love of these newlyweds and their friends & family on their special day. Of course there is a full length (~45 min) video for the family, but here’s a highlight video of their wedding with some of my favorite parts of the day.

on a personal note: It’s strange to be hired by these perfect strangers to capture their experience (and consequently mingle with them), and by the end of the shoot, as well as days/weeks of editing, to kind of feel like you know these people. I have to remember they haven’t spent the last two weeks with me like I have with them.

Anyway, I really do love being a part of projects like this. ~Alex

Jason & Lynsey Wedding Highlights from Alex Henley on Vimeo.

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